IMG_1831Hey Loves,

Welcome to my Blog !  I’m so excited to share my journey as I navigate through my twenties. What Meg Jay calls “The Defining Decade”. I decided to start this blog to connect with other people. Whether you are entering your twenties, currently in your twenties, or leaving your twenties this is the place for you. I plan to share different experiences with you and I hope you will be willing to share with me. I want to motivate you to make better decisions, help you through a hard time, or just relate to you on emotional and mental levels. We can all learn from one another. I believe your twenties is a very important decade in your life. Either you will spend a lot of time fixing what you messed up, or you will benefit from the decisions you made. Lets start making better decisions now so we won’t spend so much time cleaning up credit, ending toxic relationships, and holding onto dead end jobs. I don’t know about you but I’ve made some pretty bad decisions all in which I learned from now. I hope you enjoy this blog and my journey of being twenty.

Cuzzzz right nowwwwww. OooooShitImTwenty 3 !!!!


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Alliyya Sha’Vonne




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