How many times have you found yourself saying “its okay” to something that wasn’t okay? Shit I know I use to do it a lot. My vocabulary has changed drastically with that saying. People will continue to milk you for everything in you and not have a care in the world. Some may not even realize they’re doing it. I found myself saying “it’s okay” every time somebody tried to offer me a half ass fake ass apology. I realized by me saying “it’s okay” made them think it was really okay. Jokes on them. Nah joke was on me! Then one day I decided to say I accept or decline your apology. You know you can do that right? You don’t have to accept someone’s half ass apology. The exchange of energy is REAL! If someone’s apology doesn’t seem authentic, it’s probably not. I think we accept what is offered to us because receiving one is better than nothing. Right? Wrong! Don’t apologize to me if you’re going to do it again. What about the times we have to accept apologies that we never get? Tough pill to swallow. Some people just aren’t sorry, or can’t stand up to you to admit their faults. SHAME ON THEM!  People know when they are doing wrong, they know when something is off!

Do you think there is an expiration date on an apology? ( Comment your answer below and lmk) Me personally I don’t believe there is an expiration date on an apology. Guilt will eat that person up until they do! But even years later when I would receive apologies I would still say “it’s okay”. So what I was telling myself was that whatever that person did to me was okay? I mean people only apologize when they do something wrong, so is whatever they are apologizing for really okay? Fuck No! You did what you did at the cost of hurting me and you still did it or you probably wouldn’t be apologizing right now. What about if you owe someone an apology? What kind of response would you be looking to receive? Lets say months or years down the line. What if you need to be the one apologizing? Sometimes it takes learning something from a mistake you made to help you realize you may have done something wrong. Live and learn your lessons, it’s a part of line. But when you are wrong apologize genuinely && authentically. I believe apologizing shows strength and character. Not the apology where you just want to get back on their good side, not that one. I’m talking about the apology where you understand what you did was wrong and maybe at the time you didn’t know better. When you know better you SHOULD do better. I got an apology I deserved years ago ( hint ex from college). We dated back in 2013 and I just got my full apology in 2018 ! 5 years later brooooo. For some reason I wasn’t angry but more so understanding. When you know you’ve been a good person I think you try to understand the wrongdoer. I didn’t fix my lips to say “its okay” because it wasn’t. I was down to ride to the very end and all of it was just over in a blink of an eye. It was like my heart was literally snatched from my chest! That cry where you feel like something is in your throat. Yea mom come get me please!  So no it’s not okay! I accept your apology goodbye! I deserved that shit!For some reason I felt bad though 5 years later!! 5 fucking years later !! That person is married now though ( CONGRATS). She’s living the life I thought I was going to be living but shit I know for a fact that’s not where I was supposed to be. A blessing in disguise! What about apologies from friends that you rightfully deserve. I’ve offered my fair share of apologies and received them as well. I’m glad I was able to mend those friendships. Understanding when you are wrong is important to because its going to help you grow as a person. Saying “it’s okay” when it’s really not is not good for your mental health! You’re lying to yourself. Do me a favor and let the one person that takes care of your heart, mind, body and should best BE YOU!. Other people will fall short every time,  but you gotta show up! Show up in that moment when you’re about to say it’s okay and don’t allow yourself to say it. It’s NOT OKAY! Fuck whoever didn’t give you your apology yet, they still have learning to do. Understand that it may never come! SHAME ON THEM. Have a warm heart for the apologies you do receive!

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J. Cole Crooked Smile.

3 thoughts on “Some Shit Ain’t Okay” Apologies !

  1. I personally don’t believe there’s an emergency xpiration date on an apology but i also believe that after a certain amount of time an apology doesn’t hold as much substance as it would of when it should of been given. It means more when it’s given in the moment then it would mean days or weeks later in my opinion.


  2. Yes girl . That is so true . I have had to apologize for things i haven’t done before . Or someone made me take the blame and got me in trouble .

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