Yesssssssssss I said it! IT IS OKAY TO OUTGROW FRIENDSHPS! I believe that in your life you will outgrow a friend or two, and some will out grow you! Have you ever had a friendship that was so dear to your heart and then one day you realized you were headed in a different direction? The fact of the matter is, you will OUTGROW some people. It is perfectly fine for this to take place. Sometimes the friendship will start to drift away slowly but surely. Other times you will have to make that call. I believe people come into your life for different reasons and seasons. We tend to hold on to those people so  tightly because ideally they have been around for a substantial amount of time. They know the most about you, they’ve met your family, they know you as a person period. What happens when the day comes when you feel like they are not going where you are headed? (or vice versa) It’s a tough feeling trust me I’ve been there. I wasn’t sure if I was thinking correctly because this was my friend that I’m talking about. I believe as you elevate in life you will start to lose the ones that you thought woul never leave. Your homie! Elevating is very self rewarding, but it will cost you a few things along the way. Some people are just flat-out jealous and as you elevate their true colors will start to show! They are the ones that pass up every opportunity to support you. The ones that ask for more handouts rather than a helping hand. Some people only fuck with you just in case you make it! Remember I said that! You’ll know exactly when it is time for a friendship to be over, simply when they aren’t being a friend. I’m not saying people wont fall short because they will! We are all human! What I’m saying is when they are not supporting you, elevating with you, trying to boss up on a different level, that’s how you know. The friendship will start to fade because after all, their focus is on something else. Remember it is perfectly fine for someone to be on a different level than you but you don’t want those people holding you back. Honestly they don’t even understand the language you speak. You could talk about some over the top shit and they make you feel like you doing too much, asking for too much. Those same people will want to keep you where they met you at! Why? They are afraid of what you might become. They don’t want you to elevate and forget them! The feeling of outgrowing someone is very uncomfortable! It requires you to be honest with yourself which 99% of people don’t do. It requires you to accept that you have outgrown someone! It requires you to accept the fact that they aren’t in your life the way they use to be and you aren’t in there’s. I’m not saying forget about those people because you wont! You do have history and memories with those people, they just weren’t supposed to be in your life forever. Besides if you get rid of those people now you’ll have more space for the people who are on your level. The people who will actually help you in your journey. Sometimes you grow apart from people as well. You ever have a “friend” that’s just negative and don’t do shit but complain. You offer them a million solutions yet they will still call you to complain about something! Those are the type of people who hold on to pain and misery because that is what makes them WHO THEY ARE!  You could offer somebody some bomb ass advice ad they turn it into something negative! Those are the ones you gotta be careful with. They will drain you, then you won’t have anything to give when the good people show up! Shit you might be that friend! Don’t be mad when people stop fucking with you negative Nancy! All I’m saying is it is perfectly fine to outgrow some friendships. Your future self and friends will thank you. Trust me you’ll never forget about those people and will often wonder what’s going on with them. However get rid of the negative energy early hun! Your future bestie is waiting for you! Stop holding onto friendships that have been dead yearsss ago, just for the sake of having a friend.  If somebody pops into your head as you are reading this, guess what………



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