trust the timing


Hey Pudddsss. Its been a minute since I wrote a blog but I’m back! Today I wanted to share my intake on perfect timing. In fact there is no such thing. I believe that you should take the time and make it perfect. We all say to ourselves I wish I was here in life or I was supposed to here by this time. Truth is you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your journey. I remember feeling like I was supposed to be somewhere other than where I was. I remember feeling like I was letting myself down because I wasn’t where I thought I was supposed to be. When I look back at where I was I can see I wasn’t ready for all that I wanted at that time. I believe the universe sends you what you are ready for. Have you ever wished for something or wanted something so badly and then when you got it, it wasn’t what you expected? Sometimes we think we are ready for something simply because that’s what we want at the time. We all get what should be ours when we should receive it. I think another thing is comparison. So often we compare ourselves to other people and their journeys not knowing what it took to get there. Remember you only see what people choose to show you. On some real shit we all probably wanna be somewhere other than where we are in life. I’m starting to appreciate where I am because at one point in my life it was what I prayed for.

Another things is I think we want instant gratification. When I think of instant gratification I think of an instant reward. We think when we graduate college we’re supposed to be handed a job. We think when we complete a goal we’re supposed to reap some kind of benefit from it. Not everything we do will come with instant gratification. We have to learn to accept and trust the process even when there is no reward. Damn I like that imma steal my own quote lol. I know for myself when I start a new project and I don’t see it going anywhere I stop before I even start. I wanna start challenging myself to keep pushing through even when I can’t see the finish line. Sometimes we have to reevaluate our plan to make it work. I challenge you to continue to work on something even when you cannot see the finish line. Always expecting something in return can lead to disappointment.

Don’t be in a rush to purchase a house, buy a car, rent a apartment, finish your degree, start a family etc. Be in a rush to become a better balanced person. Be in a rush to have good credit, good grades, good health, money saved and good relationships. That’s one of the reasons I started a blog, so that we can all learn from one another. Lets make better decisions now so we wont spend so much time cleaning up what we fucked up. Lets take our time on decision making when it comes to big steps in our lives. That house you want will always be there. That car you want will always be there. That degree you want is waiting for you. The family you want is there. The happiness you want is there but its all a work in progress. I’m not saying don’t work for what you want. What I’m saying is be smart about your decisions and make sure it is the best one for you. Make sure you can afford what you put your name on. Understand that is a commitment that we sometimes only think of as short term. I’m here to tell you from my own experience that these things are long term, and if you fuck up you gotta fix it. Don’t be afraid to fail because that is where you learn your strengths. All I’m saying is research, and don’t be in a rush for things that will be there anyway.


I love writing these blogs and going back rereading for my own motivation and understanding. Sometimes my mind is so full that reading something I wrote makes a lot more sense when I write it out.


Everything you want is already yours !!!


Alliyya or YourFavoriteLeo 🙂



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