I’m Learning to enjoy where I am in life. So many times we can’t wait for Friday, can’t wait for the weekend, cant wait to be married, cant wait to have kids etc. Then we realize when we get the things we cant wait for, that happiness isn’t there. We speak about happiness like it’s a destination. Like we are on some sort of transportation and when we get to our destination that is it. For a long time I struggled with the idea that there was a such thing as an end of the road. Truthfully the end of the road is when we die. Until then happiness should be enjoyed during every aspect of our lives, through every trial and tribulation. Often times during our darkest moment we discover things very important about over selves. Not only do we discover strength that we didn’t know we had, but discover possibilities. We learn from our greatest mistakes. We learn how much more we can handle and how much we can tolerate. Happiness is a way of travel but there is no destination. When you get the degree or the apartment or the job you realize that those things only bring temporary happiness. Have you ever said okay when I get this apartment I’ll be happy? Then when you get that apartment you’re only happy for that moment. ( temporary happiness) That joyful feeling is somehow minimized when different obstacles come and take that “happiness or  joy” away.  That’s because we base our happiness or what will bring happiness on the wrong things, on material things. So many people say I just want to be happy. But what does that mean? What are you doing to get that happiness? Do you even know what will bring you ultimate happiness? No amount of money in the world will bring you ultimate happiness. I think the times I’m the most happiest is when I’m spending time with my family, when I’m going out with my friends, when I’m reading something that will stimulate my mind, when I’m discussing ideas with different people. I think a lot of us aren’t happy because we live an unhappy life. We are unhappy with our jobs, our living situations, our cars etc. We don’t have good eating habits, we aren’t working out, we aren’t stimulating our minds enough. We’re stuck at an everyday routine because that is what we are used to. We’re comfortable with what we have even though we know we want more. ( some of us). You become a robot to a lifestyle that isn’t ideal to you. So many people work at jobs they hate simply because they have already signed up for financial obligations. They already have car payments, apartments, phone bills etc. We live beyond or means and then we can’t always do what brings us happiness. We have obligations and ties to what we in fact signed up for.  We spend more than half of our day at our workplaces, its a no brainer why most of us aren’t happy. Then we come home and know that we have to do it all over again the next day. I believe true happiness should be in discovering who you are and what you like. True happiness is found when we are doing the thing that we love to do. Whatever that looks like to you stop and think about that feeling. Wouldn’t you want to do that every day of your life? I’m trying to get out of the mindset of when I get this it’ll make me happy. Temporarily yes long-term no. Right now I am in my own process of figuring out what makes me happy and what kind of work I want to do to fulfill that passion. Find happiness in everything you do. Find joy in knowing that some of your best days haven’t even happened yet. Where you are right now is not your final destination. Start digging deep into your emotions to find you passion, the find that thing that fires you up! If you are happy with your job, do you do things after work that make you happy? Life is so short and we spend so much time stuck in a lifestyle that will not bring us the joy we are looking for. If we think about happiness like a way of travel, think about it this way. Imagine getting on a bus and every so often you get off and right there is something that will bring you happiness. Remember that there is not final stop though! You have to keep getting on going to your next stop for the next thing that will make you happy. Maybe the first stop is family, second is friends, third is something creative, fourth is something musical etc. Start putting things into perspective, start making that thing that fires you up CLEAR. You cannot travel if something is in your eye, or something is blurry it will distract you. Have a clear imagine and vision of what happiness looks like and go out and do the shit!

If you wanna twerk in the club Friday and go handle business Saturday morning, DO IT. Don’t worry about what people have to say about your life and your happiness, they aren’t living your life.

You only live one, LIVE YOU LIFE TODAY !


Forbes says “The number of global employees described by Gallup as “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces” is only slightly better this year (85%) than four years ago (87%)

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