I get it we all need a way to make money to live, but that does not mean killing yourself in the process. I have had many jobs since I started working at the age of 16. There comes a time in your life when you have to understand that your purpose in life will bring you everything you need. I talk about jobs a lot because I’m in the phase of tapping into my purpose, so it is important to me to share my experiences. I was just like most people jumping from job to job. Always trying to find the right fit for my life. I would go to a company move up in no time and then get the “what’s next feeling”. Then I would find myself leaving and doing it all over again. Me and my sister made each other a promise that we would stick with a job longer than a year. “NIGGA WE MADE IT”. Jkjk! I would call my mom like” Hey Mom, Do you think I should quit this job? She would offer the best advice and I would be like okay I’m on my way home”. Here I am about to be 24 years old and now the job hopping has stopped but the feeling of “what’s next” hasn’t. To be 23 years old I am really in a good position to do great things at my company but I know it will not bring me the ultimate fulfillment that I long for. When I first started this job I went in as a temp employee and got hired within three months. Since then I wanna say I have had 4 pay increases. Lucky me right? I’m at the point where no matter how much money someone pays me it will not bring me happiness! I remember sending my manager a link message and saying hey I want to talk to you. I went in to tell her how unhappy I was and how I felt like there was no room for advancement. The conversation didn’t go the way I wanted it to. She basically said once you get to this level that’s it unless you want to be a part of management. Or I could transfer to a different department. That day hit me hard because I knew at that moment god was trying to teach me something. See I always wanted to work where I work now. It was like a goal of mine! Well I wanted to be on the front side of the business but instead I’m a part of the behind the scenes. I know I know I could always go to the front but being in the back is much better believe me. It dawned on me that sometimes god ( or the universe) gives us something we think we want just to show us this is not the life that we are supposed to be living. I kept trying to go after the life I thought I wanted. I was chasing this fantasy dream of a life I thought would work best for me. I’m seeing now that the plan for my life is much greater than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes I day-dream or get a glimpse of a life I am fulfilled at and I stop and think ” no fucking way”. No fucking way! I was wrong this whole time. If I went out to look for another job it would turn out to be another job that I hated! It would turn out to be temporary happiness again and to be honest, I’m tired of that shit! Yes FOR NOW I still currently work at this place but now I work on my purpose more than I ever have. I tap into that thing that makes me happy effortlessly. We all have a gift and it is up to us to give life to it! It is up to us to plant, water, and grow that thing. I mean to be completely honest with you I would say almost 70% of people work at a job that would replace then within a week! I say this to say to you! Work somewhere that brings you ultimate and true fulfillment. Don’t work 8 hours a day or more at job that you are not happy at. That’s a slow suicide. Work somewhere you feel valued, fulfilled, happy, and most importantly somewhere you can grow to your full potential. No I’m not saying 9-5 jobs are not meant to be worked! What I’m saying is your 9-5 should bring you the best things in life easy! Life isn’t meant to be hard, we make it hard by making irrational decisions. I say this to say to you, this week sit and pay attention to how you feel at work and when you leave. Are you happy? Are you drained? Do you want to cry? Do you look at the clock waiting for your shift to end? Are you staying late to help out because you really want to? Are you being treated with respect and appreciation? Are you valued?

Pay close attention to your answers. This will tell you all you need to know. Start tapping into your purpose and what will make you happy. Your future self-will thank you.

Remember everything you want is already yours! You just have to go get it!


Real quick I wanna share this story with you. My cousin was recommended for a sales management position by a manager that for one she was not on good terms with, and for two hadn’t spoken to in over a year! When the manager form the new location called he tried to dim the light on her potential! He tried to offer her less than what she was qualified for because he did not think she was ready for a high position. Her and I spoke on the phone that night and we discussed the conversation she had with him. The next day she declined the offer respectfully! He wanted her to start low and work her way up after she had been recommended for the highest position. The email she sent back to him made me want to stop settling for less! She knew her worth and knew when to say no, I’m worth more than what you are offering me! Women especially it is okay to decline an offer when you know for a fact that your knowledge, worth, and work ethic is more than what you are being offered!

Idk take some shit from this…..

9 thoughts on “Don’t kill yourself over a job that will replace you in a week”

  1. Well said. It does make a differemce as to how you feel during anf after work… even before you get there. Working 8 hours out of your day you should be happy ans not depressed. However, I hear it a lot that ppl finally find their purpose and I’ve been trying to figure mine out. So fed up with where Im at. I can get comfortable and live great but I know more is what I need. How did you tap into your purpose?


    1. Hey !! Sorry for the delay. To tap into my purpose I started meditating heavy. I started paying attention to how I felt when I did certain things such as writing speaking and helping others. I felt fulfilled and it was really easy to do. It came natural to me. I believe it’s the one thing you enjoy doing effortlessly. The one thing that you don’t wanna stop doing no matter how sleepy you are. I listened to this mediation tape and she did a series on day dreaming and it was imagining yourself in a setting where you feel the most at peace. Like you’re barely at work. If you want I can give you the info the check it out:)


      1. It’s called Shelah Marie Meditation Mixtape. I listen on Apple Music. The whole tape is good. Side not I skipped the breathing part because I can’t hold my breath for that long lol.


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