I’m Learning to enjoy where I am in life. So many times we can’t wait for Friday, can’t wait for the weekend, cant wait to be married, cant wait to have kids etc. Then we realize when we get the things we cant wait for, that happiness isn’t there. We speak about happiness like it’s […]

I keep having random moments of ” I’m not where I want to be in life”. The real question is where do I want to be? What is it that I want? What am I in search of? What kind of life do I so badly want? Have I worked for it hard enough? I […]

  Hey Pudddsss. Its been a minute since I wrote a blog but I’m back! Today I wanted to share my intake on perfect timing. In fact there is no such thing. I believe that you should take the time and make it perfect. We all say to ourselves I wish I was here in […]

  It’s literally 12:58am and I’m eating shrimp alfredo. That nap I took earlier was well worth it. I’m up and I’m thinking about my future heavy. My thoughts tend to weigh heavier around this time. I can picture myself in a loft apartment with my cat drinking wine lol. Having somebody there would be […]

What is self-love? What does that look like to you? Self love is putting yourself first. Self love is consistently improving your mental, emotional, and physical state. Self love is working to improve who you are as a person overall. It’s taking care of yourself before you take care of anyone else. It is also […]

Lets Talk Balance! If your like me and your work 9-5 or whatever your schedule is you need to find a good balance. Going to work everyday and coming home can become a routine very quickly. While some people like the routine lifestyle, others like myself don’t. I prefer to have something to look forward […]